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First name:  Sarun

Last name:  Kuoy

  • Gender:  Male
  • Job:  Freelance photographer
  • Media outlet:  New York Times
  • Type of media:  news agency
  • Born:  Cambodia

  • Died:  1977 Cambodia
  • War zone:  yes
  • Targeted? yes
  • Impunity: total

Presumed murdered at the "Killing Fields."

  • Cambodia - 1975-79: Repression
  • The Red Khmers used extreme brutality and killed about 1.5 million people (more than a quarter of the population), either executed or starved or worked to death, making the Pol Pot regime one of the most murderous of the 20th century. Only one leader of the regime has so far been put on trial.

  • Cambodia - 1975-79: Red Khmer rule
  • The Red Khmers, who began as the Cambodian Communist Party, became the Kampuchea Democratic Party and had been guerrillas since the 1960s, seized power on 17 April 1975 and ruled until 1979. Their brutal extremist regime was called "Democratic Kampuchea." The party, headed by Pol Pot, deported the entire population of the capital, Phnom Penh, to the countryside to work as slaves in collective farms. Communal feeding was introduced in 1976-77 and the system sought to "reeducate" everyone to destroy the idea of private property.

  • Cambodia - Killing Fields
  • Between two and seven million people are thought to have been killed by the Red Khmers in these sites around the country, often after being tortured, and their bodies dumped in mass graves. To save ammunition, prisoners were often killed with hammers, axes, spades or sharpened bamboo poles.

  • Worked for several international news agencies.
    Photographer, driver and interpreter.

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