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First name:  Carlos

Last name:  Cardoso

  • Gender:  Male
  • Job:  Managing editor
  • Media outlet:  Metical
  • Born:  Mozambique

  • Died:  22 Nov 2000 Mozambique

Shot several times in the head by two men who stopped his car as he driving home from his office in Maputo. He had been investigating fraud of 144 billion meticals (€7 million) at the Mozambican Commercial Bank.

  • Maputo city councillor.
    Investigated corruption among country’s political and business elite and criticises World Bank for killing off Mozambique’s cashew processing industry.
    Founds Metical, an e-mailed business daily for local businesses.
    Founds independent press cooperative Mediacoop and then world’s first faxed daily paper, Media-Fax.
    Imprisoned for six days because of article about the civil war.
    Became editor of government news agency AIM.
    Joined newspaper Tempo, then music department of Radio Mozambique.
    Secondary and university studies in South Africa, where he opposed apartheid.

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