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First name:  Pirimkul

Last name:  Sattori

  • Gender:  Male
  • Job:  Journalist - Poet
  • Media outlet:  Navidi Vakhsh
  • Type of media:  print media
  • Born:  1 Aug 1938 Tajikistan

  • Died:  25 May 1993 Tajikistan
  • War zone:  yes

Thought to have been killed by the People’s Front paramilitaries in Kurgan-Tyube, and his body found in a cotton field, because he made a speech criticising the ethnic Kulyabis that dominate the government.

  • Tajikistan - 1992-97
  • Clashes between pro-communists and Islamists increased after independence in September 1991 and civil war broke out in the south. A ceasefire was signed in 1997.

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