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First name:  Charles

Last name:  Ingabire

  • Gender:  Male
  • Media outlet:  Inyenyerinews.org
  • Type of media:  online
  • Born:  Rwanda

  • Died:  1 Dec 2011 Uganda
  • War zone:  no
  • Targeted? yes
  • Impunity: total

Ingabire was shot at point-blank range by an unidentified person in a Pajero car at around 2 a.m. as he left a Kampala bar to which he had gone four hours earlier to meet a friend. He was hit in the chest and died on the spot. He had been threatened several times in phone calls and comments left on his website. He was also physically attacked about two months ago in Kampala by unidentified assailants, who said they wanted his website closed down.

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