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First name:  Nicholas

Last name:  Stroh

  • Gender:  Male
  • Job:  Freelance journalist
  • Born:  United States

  • Died:  9 July 1971 Uganda
  • War zone:  yes
  • Impunity: total

Killed and his body burned by Ugandan troops in Mbarara while investigating army massacres of provincial tribes during the coup that brought Gen. Idi Amin to power.

  • Uganda - 1971-79: Idi Amin’s rule
  • Gen. Idi Amin overthrew the one-party rule of President Milton Obote in January 1971. Western countries backed him at first but withdrew as his regime became a bloody dictatorship under which about 300,000 Ugandans died or vanished between 1971 and 1979 and the economy collapsed. After an army mutiny in 1979, Amin attacked neighbouring Tanzania, which hit back and overthrew Amin with the help of Ugandan rebels.

  • Aged 33.

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