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First name:  Jean

Last name:  Dominique

  • Gender:  Male
  • Job:  Journalist - Political commentator
  • Media outlet:  Radio Haïti Inter
  • Type of media:  radio
  • Born:  30 July 1930 Haiti

  • Died:  3 April 2000 Haiti
  • Targeted? yes

Shot four times by a man in the courtyard of his Port-au-Prince radio station as he arrived at dawn.

  • Adviser to President René Préval.
    Returns to Haiti after military dictatorship collapses.
    Leaves Haiti after army seizes power.
    Returns to Haiti after fall of Duvalier.
    Critic of President Jean-Claude Duvalier (1971-86). Deported a month after taking refuge in Venezuelan embassy.
    Buys Radio Haïti and renames it Haïti Inter
    Joins Radio Haïti as reporter.
    Agronomist who spoke up for peasants and the poor.

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