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First name:  Eduardo

Last name:  Carvalho

  • Gender:  Male
  • Job:  Journaliste
  • Media outlet:  Ultima Hora News
  • Type of media:  online
  • Born:  Brazil

  • Died:  21 Nov 2012 Brazil
  • War zone:  no
  • Targeted? yes

Eduardo Carvalho was fatally shot by two men armed with pistols who were waiting for him when he arrived at his Campo Grande home with his wife. After shooting him three times, the gunmen left on a motorcycle.

  • A retired military police officer, Carvalho, 52, was the owner and editor of the Ultima Hora News website.

    Carvalho had been getting threats since last year in connection with reports he posted on the site criticizing Mato Grosso do Sul politicians and police officers.

    On the day of his murder, he had published a story accusing a military police captain of abuse of authority. In a comment posted on Facebook the day before, he said that, despite the constant threats and harassment, he had “a safe full of new stories, each one more scandalous than the other.”

    Carvalho, who had escaped a previous shooting attack while driving with his daughter, had often reported receiving death threats and said he feared for his life. As a result, he had a permit to carry a gun and a permit to use an armed forces bullet-proof vest but was not wearing it at the time of the attack on 21 November.

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