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First name:  José Luis

Last name:  Cabezas

  • Gender:  Male
  • Job:  Freelance photographer
  • Media outlet:  Noticias
  • Type of media:  print media
  • Born:  1962 Argentina

  • Died:  25 Jan 1997 Argentina
  • War zone:  no
  • Targeted? yes

Found, shot twice in the head and handcuffed, in a burned-out car near the wealthy resort town of Pinamar (Buenos Aires province). His paper investigated corruption and his murder sparked national protests, as it recalled the methods of the Argentine Anticommunist Alliance death-squads under the 1976-83 military dictatorship.

  • Argentina - Since 1994
  • Violence and threats against journalists have fallen sharply since 1994, though media freedom remains under attack.

  • Took photos for a story on police corruption in Buenos Aires province.

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