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First name:  Toni Agatina

Last name:  Motta

  • Gender:  Female
  • Job:  Correspondent
  • Media outlet:  Daily News
  • Type of media:  print media
  • Born:  23 Oct 1948 United States

  • Died:  1 Nov 1980 Argentina
  • War zone:  yes
  • Targeted? yes
  • Impunity: partial

Vanished after being kidnapped while travelling in Argentina.

  • Argentina - 1976-83: National Reorganisation Process
  • Isabel Martínez de Perón was overthrown on 24 March 1976 by the military, who called their regime the "National Reorganisation Process." They ruled until 10 December 1983 and conducted the so-called "Dirty War" of state-sponsored violence against the population and anyone they considered supporters of "terrorists," who were mostly young leftists. Between 10,000 and 30,000 people vanished (and are presumed dead) between 1973 and 1983 and hundreds of children, and babies born in the regime’s secret detention centres, were permanently taken away from their "subversive" parents.

  • Argentina - 1976-83: Repression
  • The media largely went underground during the dictatorship. Opponents "disappeared" — kidnapped, tortured and then "transferred," often meaning they were dumped into the sea, drugged but alive, from planes over the River Plate estuary between Argentina and Uruguay. At least 83 journalists "disappeared" and 15 others were known to have been murdered.

  • Argentina - Montoneros
  • The Montoneros were extreme leftists who conducted widespread urban guerrilla warfare between 1970 and 1977 to overthrow the military dictatorship and obtain former President Juan Perón’s return. They had much popular support early on but were defeated by the military in 1976.

  • Probably killed because she was the companion of Salvatore Privitera, an Italian-Argentine living in Italy since being deported from Argentina in 1979 and refused readmission because of being a suspected Montonero.

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