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First name:  Ayub

Last name:  Khattak

  • Gender:  Male
  • Job:  Journaliste
  • Media outlet:  Karak Times
  • Type of media:  print media
  • Born:  Pakistan

  • Died:  11 Oct 2013 Pakistan
  • Targeted? yes
  • Impunity: partial

A reporter for the Karak Times, Khattak was shot by two men on a motorcycle who were waiting for him near his home. After initially asking him why he was investigating their drug dealing, they returned 15 minutes later and shot him several times with a Kalashnikov. He died while being taken to hospital.

  • Khattak, who was used to being threatened in connection with his reporting, had been investigating an increase in drug dealing in the Wrana Mir Hassankhel neighbourhood. His family said he was not involved in any personal dispute and that the motive was clearly linked to his work.

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