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First name:  Sai

Last name:  Reddy

  • Gender:  Male
  • Job:  Journaliste
  • Media outlet:  Deshbandhu
  • Type of media:  print media
  • Born:  India

  • Died:  6 Dec 2013 India
  • Targeted? yes

A group of suspected Maoists armed with knives attacked Reddy at a market near his home, leaving him in a pool of blood when they fled. He died while being taken to hospital

  • Aged around 50 and employed by the daily Deshbandhu, Reddy had been targeted in the past by both the authorities and the Maoists in connection with his investigative reporting of the Naxalite (Maoist) insurrection.

    He was given a prison term in 2008 for his supposed links with the Maoists, while the Maoists, accusing him of links with the security forces, set fire to his home and threatened to kill him, forcing him to leave Chhattisgarh. He was only allowed to return after apologising to the Maoists.

    Reddy’s refusal to take part in an anti-Naxalite movement from 2005 to 2008 led to his being branded as a Maoist sympathiser. Like many other journalists in the region, he did not make his living solely from journalism and supplemented his income by selling cereals.

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