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First name:  Leila

Last name:  Yildhizan

  • Gender:  Female
  • Job:  Journaliste Reporter d’images
  • Media outlet:  Firat News Agency
  • Type of media:  news agency
  • Born:  Turkey

  • Died:  8 Aug 2014 Iraq
  • War zone:  yes

the Turkish journalist of Kurdish origin was killed during clashes between Kurdish and Islamic State forces in Makhmour refugee camp, 40 km southwest of Erbil, on 8 August.

  • Yildizhan also worked for Rohani TV, Sterk TV, IMC TV and other media.

    She had done a lot of reporting from the front lines in Syria, in the areas with a mainly Kurdish population such as Rojava, and in Iraq. As she grew up in the Makhmour refugee camp, she knew the region well

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